Digging For A Living


Ironic enough they come in all shapes and sizes, makes and models. From the good to the not so great, the know it all’s and the oddballs that have no idea! If you ask me? We can be quite the entertaining bunch of characters! Enduring the role as an operator you never stop learning. And it never ceases to amaze me observing the skilfulness of experienced operators. Especially the old timers, they just got the knack for it.

The best advice I could give is to watch and learn. Then take that observation and add it to your own skillset. The building foundations of any good operator are to pay attention and never stop learning.



If you had told me in my 20s that by the time I was 30 I would be operating a digger for a living, I most likely would have laughed? And to some extent, if you happen to be the relation of someone that knows somebody that knows someone? You might be lucky enough to land a full-time gig with a well-paying company. More than likely you have to start from the bottom and do the hard yards. undefined


I started off as a Civil Construction Labourer. Some would say “shit kicker.” From the shovel to grade checking, cleaning toilets and picking up rubbish. It took a long time before I ended up in the seat of an air-con cabin. But from there you can appreciate time out from the strenuous labour intensive job roles. And trust me for the majority of workers in the construction game, THEY WORK HARD for their money!



undefined I can proudly say that I work for an amazing company based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Family orientated and well established. The amount of experience I have learned in the short while I’ve been employed there you couldn’t put a price on. I never thought about the pay rate, I thought about the experience I would gain.

Unfortunately, despite my efforts to work hard and get in front…

Hard to admit but I got to a point where I was struggling to keep up with finances. As a father and husband, you want your family to have the best of everything. So I wasn’t scared to borrow from lenders to buy shares in a small business or purchase a new car or buy decent furniture for our home.

Desperate at times I would try to sell anything and everything I could to make a buck. My boss would call me “Mr. Ebay.” I left my current job to get out there and chase the money so to speak. Signing up with every job agency I could find and snatching up the best paying excavator job positions available. When the work was there the money was great. But when the work dried up there was no money coming in at all. Catch 22.




Which brings me to the now and why I am sharing my story with you!

Don’t get me wrong I love my job as an excavator operator. But to be honest, it is not a position that I dream about. Some people thrive in this business and others not so much. Soon I will have spent a decade in this industry and still to this day I find myself struggling to make ends meet.

Through a series of circumstances and events. I and my wife have recently joined a positively geared online business training program that allows you to work from home and earn a passive income.

·         The training covers basic steps to digital and affiliate marketing.

·         Is user-friendly with training modules which are designed for individuals to work at their own pace.

·         Learn how to build your own digital lifestyle and create extra time to spend on the things you care about.

·         Go anywhere in the world and still bring in an income stream and all you need is a laptop and internet connection.

.           Learn how to blog and share your unique perspectives like this one right here.

Our why factor is “FAMILY” My drive is becoming somebody better. Is it really possible that you can spend more time together as a family and go anywhere in the world and still earn an income through a laptop and internet connection?

  • My family is worth it!
  • My life is worth it!
  • My passions are worth it!
  • I am worth it!
  • And YOU are worth it!

If you have any questions or would like any further information?

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I look forward to connecting with you.

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