Dream Your Perfect Day

I  wake up in the morning to a beautiful sunrise overlooking the water in my comfy bed covered with the best quality linen ever made! Watching the dolphin’s playing in the Broadwater my daughter comes into my room to see if I am awake.

This was the start of my ideal day.

As one of my exercises in my online SFM training course, we were asked to create our “Ideal day”

What would it look like?

What would you do?

Who would be with you?

What would you have?

I wrote this down and read it every day, actually, I still read it.

Without any limits, I continued to write my day out, and then the week and finally the year. Sharing this with my husband he too had to do the same exercise and we were along the same path (although he didn’t seem to care about the linen!) With this we could pinpoint our goals together and start our online journey as a tightly connected team.

Our ideal day has now become our focus for us to start living in our dream instead of chasing it!

I challenge you to write down your ideal day. Take a few minutes to visualize this.

See what your day is

Feel how it feels to be in your day

Smell the beach that you live by

Taste the beautiful morning coffee

Hear the waves crashing on the sandbank

Read it over and over again and soon it will become very clear what step you have to do to get to that.

Having this written down it is like you have made a contract with your self that this is what you want so this is what you will get.

Put the hard yards in and work for what you really want in life not what you have been brought up to believe you have to do!

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