No Judgement Here

Long before I started this journey into being an entrepreneur I always had this feeling of self-doubt. I was always afraid of what people thought of me

“Really! She won’t be able to do that?!”

“She’s not good at that stuff”

“She will never make it”

Things people have said to me in the past made me really question what I am doing in my life. Even being a Skin Specialist and owning a clinic on the Gold Coast, Australia even then I always thought I couldn’t “Do it” undefined

Starting this online business, I wasn’t fully open with friends and family for the fear factor that they would tell me what I’m doing is wrong for me. I even had a friend tell me to get a REAL job. I guess I am/was a people pleaser but they only one that missed out of being pleased was me.
I was drowning in my own thoughts continually thinking I couldn’t do anything that was a bit tougher than the day to day basis. When my first baby came along I even though OMG I can’t do this (Even though, before I became a mum I always thought I was the best mum).

Well look at me now I’m doing it!

My baby girl is healthy and happy, and I am building up my online business as I wanted to do. I am taking the time to spend with my little family and even travel home to see my extended family when I wish.

Don’t get me wrong it is still a work in progress but I really wish I had let go of these thoughts long before today. I had roadblocks that didn’t need to be there, a roadblock that inevitably has delayed my freedom lifestyle that I want to create.
I often think what I could have done if my feelings were not always “Oh what would they think?”

I just want to ask you this….

What would you do If you had no judgment from anyone?

What have you put off in your life afraid that you will upset someone else but at the end of the day ended up upsetting yourself?

This is your life no one else has the pen in their hand to write your story. You’re the author so go ahead and write your own fairy-tale. undefined

Come on this journey with me and live your fairy tale life! To start your own online lifestyle click the big orange button below! I will be here to personally help you and am only an email away if you have any questions.


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