Labourers Ambition



-Just because you make a living as a laborer, does not mean that you will always be a laborer! Never limit your capability to achieve more. The only thing holding you back is your mind! 

I grew up around drugs and alcohol which seemed like a normal enviroment. I was never motivated to be or become anybody important. I left school when I was 16yo, back then I thought that making money was more desirable than getting a degree or an education?

During school holidays I would go out picking apples for pocket money and in one week I would make $300. Back then, I thought I was the king of the world! Who needs an education, right?

Wasn’t long after I dropped out of school that I moved out of the family home and started working in a factory, packing the same fruit that I was picking.

-Little did I know I was setting myself up for a lifetime of strenuous labor.

I became a factory laborer at 16yo. For a decade I had worked for several companies in multiple industries. The most undesirable job I had acquired during that time was working in a tripe room at a meatworks factory. Sheep stomachs would fall down a shoot onto our table. From there we would slice them open and wash them out…

That job position gave me a mindset that helped me later on down the track. When I start a new job people would say to me, “that job looks difficult?” I would say, “I have worked harder, for less.”

-In the back of my mind I thought to myself I can do better than this? So I always push myself to be open minded and to try new things.

Our luck changed in the year of 2010 after watching a movie called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. Which talks about, “The Law Of Attraction” focusing on positive thoughts, love and the feeling of gratitude.

Becoming aware of the fact that many people around the world are struggling in unstable environments and would give anything to be in the position that we have and take for granted each day.

I downloaded “The Secret” audiobook and played it everywhere I went nonstop for a year. You can find this audiobook on Youtube and other websites like Audible and

The Vision Board

A chapter in the movie “The Secret” describes the creation of a vision board.

Gathering pictures of items and objects, that you want and desire and pinning them onto a board.

Through visualization and imagination, you can create the sensation of what it would feel like to have these things in your possession like they are already yours! And by practicing this method, eventually, the Universe will help manifest them into your life. “The Law Of Attraction.”

I and my partner decided to try it. We cut out photos from magazines and created our very own vision board. Everything we have ever wanted and desired is glued to it.


We have accomplished a lot since watching “The Secret” and creating our very own vision board. Alot of opportunies have come our way and I am very grateful for all that we have in our lives today.


I have a great job position as an Excavator Operator working in Demolition and Earthmoving.


My wife became a buisness owner in a small skin clinic.


I work as an extra on Hollywood movies.


I and my wife overcame adversities to start a family after four years of trying and three attempts at IVF.

These life-changing moments have been but a few of the many blessings that we are fortunate to have come our way and the latest adventure has been an eye opener and very exciting!

We were fortunate to come across an online educational programme teaching people how to build an online business, from scratch!

I contacted a member of the company and he sent out a video series on how and why would you be interested in learning this training programme and what benefits it would create for your life.

My first thoughts were, I don’t have time for another scam! I need to make some cash to pay the bills. I don’t have time for this I am going to find a new job, get out there and chase the money!

It wasn’t till I was struggling to make ends meet, I was mentally and physically exhausted, becoming unhealthy and unfit, having to turn down roles working in movies, and giving up my passions that I realized that, chasing the money isn’t going to work!

So I and my partner decided to watch the video series and sign on as members of the community to learn more.

We completed the training modules. Not only did it put a new spark in our lives but we found an answer to everything we were searching for!

My partner now works on the business full time from home. I currently still work and study but aspire to take on this adventure full time and have the freedom to work from home also.

We got to speak with like-minded people in similar positions from all over the world who were able to earn a passive income and leave their 9-5 jobs to pursue new career paths and business adventures.



We got to meet and greet some of the members and mentors in our local area which makes this journey seem even more real as you get to speak with them face to face!

This journey is real, the people are real, the opportunities are real!

Watch this space… As it won’t be long that I will be sharing with you the feeling of gratitude and how amazing it is to leave a 9-5 job. Work from home and have all that extra time to spend with the family and pursue the things that we are interested in!

Are you looking at achieving the same goals?

Don’t settle for being just a laborer for the rest of your life…

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