Hi there! Eugene & Serena here. Thank you for checking out our website!

We are dedicated lifelong students who are forever learning new things so we can continuously grow and develop in a quest to help others, just like yourself. 

We are here to give you the tools to choose the right pathway to get you on your way to the online digital world.  Available to you through SFM, the training provides you access to marketing material and support that you will need to either start your own online business, or build on the one you may already have.

We want to see you create an income that you will be able to replace your “9-5” job which will give you the freedom to enjoy life on your terms.

Serena McClutchie

Serena is a go-getter and someone who isn’t scared by hard work. After years of being a skin specialist and always making other people look and feel good she thought it was about time to expand her field and explore other options.  After the birth of their first baby working long hours in the clinic just wasn’t feasible anymore. After years of trying to have a baby and taking the IVF road, Serena wanted to be a full-time stay at home mum but still wanted to help people with their life journey as well as make an income.

Eugene McClutchie

Eugene is inspired about what the future holds. He is a very hands-on hard worker and is a huge heart. He is always on the go and rising to any new challenges that are put in front of him. Spending years in the construction industry, the physical work needed in his industry started to put a strain on his body and mind. Spending long days away from his family was far from what he thought his family life would be. Knowing that driving an excavator was not his passion he started searching for new roads to take. He was on a mission to find an alternative to providing for his family.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission  is to see people from all walks of life achieve the greater things in life. To spread the power of optimism.To understand that the mind is a powerful tool towards your desired lifestyle, from health, wealth and happiness. To live a life of their dreams, with purpose and fulfilment.

Our vision is to live our best life, with all that goes with it. To see our children and family grow up in a happy space. To live a purpose filled life and to give back to our community.

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