Our Baby Dream

My life has changed for the better in the last 2 years.

For years we were trying for a baby and 4 years into it we decided we probably need some “Help” We went to see our doctor to give us some advice on what to do next.

In the back of my mind, I sort of knew that I would need help conceiving (not due to medical reasons but I just had a feeling deep in my heart that this would be my journey….and it was)
We went through 3 rounds of IVF. It was a roller-coaster ride that we drew out for a year. With all the hormones and blood test I felt like a crazy person at the best of times but knew there had to be a light at the end of the tunnel. On our third attempt, I was almost ready to give up but my husband booked us in to go another round so off I went back to the clinic again.
Lucky number 3!

It was finally our time! I still remember the day we were told we were pregnant it was Christmas eve,
“Serena, Merry Christmas Mummy!!” our nurse said over the phone.
Tears rolled down my face as my husband done a happy dance around the carpark where we had stopped to take the phone call. I held my tummy tight and spoke to my little bundle growing inside of me.

“I’m going to make you so proud of us, I am going to give you the best life ever!”

I remember driving to work talking to my tummy wondering what I was going to do when it was time to go back to work again after having her. I started to get anxious about putting her in daycare, after all, that we had been through I could stand to be away from her not even for a day.
Well, that day arrived and I was a mess. I had found a really nice daycare and dropped her off for the first time. I remember ringing the through the day to make sure everything was alright (I’m sure I’m not the first parent to ring and check) They were really nice about it and of course, my baby girl was fine.

It did get easier as the weeks, months and years went by but really I held on to that emotion of missing out on her growing.

I wanted to stay home with her. What if she needed me?

Now don’t get me wrong I do see it is good for their development to be in a daycare and even if I was to be at home she would still be in a few times a week. At least being available that if she needs me and I would have the freedom to go and pick her up without having to cancel clients and feel guilty for leaving my work.

My point is I wanted to be present in my daughter’s life. Available to go to “Mother’s Day” at daycare, attend her Christmas party and watch her crazy hat parade. This is what my husband and I wanted from the get-go but didn’t know how we could make it work.

We dreamed of the thought of winning lotto just so we could watch our baby grow.

My husband searched the internet and listened to a tone of self-help books in search for an answer, and finally, he had found something that got us both thinking!
He watched a single add over and over again and it resonated well with what we wanted. He came to me and we signed up for a 7-day video series.

Here’s our answer!

We can make this happen!

We can create our lifestyle on our terms!


So with the step by step training that we were offered, we started building our online affiliate business. I was building websites, creating emails and learning how to be an affiliate on the internet. I have never done this before in my life (I was previously a Beauty Therapist with my own clinic) but this wasn’t hard to pick up at all. Our mentors are amazing and the support that you get is 24/7 so there is always someone there to answer your questions.

This online education is what we have been doing to get to our goal of stay at home parents, we love it so much that we wanted to share it with the world. If you would like to watch the same 7-day video series that got us started click the link below.

Labourers Ambition



-Just because you make a living as a laborer, does not mean that you will always be a laborer! Never limit your capability to achieve more. The only thing holding you back is your mind! 

I grew up around drugs and alcohol which seemed like a normal enviroment. I was never motivated to be or become anybody important. I left school when I was 16yo, back then I thought that making money was more desirable than getting a degree or an education?

During school holidays I would go out picking apples for pocket money and in one week I would make $300. Back then, I thought I was the king of the world! Who needs an education, right?

Wasn’t long after I dropped out of school that I moved out of the family home and started working in a factory, packing the same fruit that I was picking.

-Little did I know I was setting myself up for a lifetime of strenuous labor.

I became a factory laborer at 16yo. For a decade I had worked for several companies in multiple industries. The most undesirable job I had acquired during that time was working in a tripe room at a meatworks factory. Sheep stomachs would fall down a shoot onto our table. From there we would slice them open and wash them out…

That job position gave me a mindset that helped me later on down the track. When I start a new job people would say to me, “that job looks difficult?” I would say, “I have worked harder, for less.”

-In the back of my mind I thought to myself I can do better than this? So I always push myself to be open minded and to try new things.

Our luck changed in the year of 2010 after watching a movie called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. Which talks about, “The Law Of Attraction” focusing on positive thoughts, love and the feeling of gratitude.

Becoming aware of the fact that many people around the world are struggling in unstable environments and would give anything to be in the position that we have and take for granted each day.

I downloaded “The Secret” audiobook and played it everywhere I went nonstop for a year. You can find this audiobook on Youtube and other websites like Audible and www.thesecret.tv

The Vision Board

A chapter in the movie “The Secret” describes the creation of a vision board.

Gathering pictures of items and objects, that you want and desire and pinning them onto a board.

Through visualization and imagination, you can create the sensation of what it would feel like to have these things in your possession like they are already yours! And by practicing this method, eventually, the Universe will help manifest them into your life. “The Law Of Attraction.”

I and my partner decided to try it. We cut out photos from magazines and created our very own vision board. Everything we have ever wanted and desired is glued to it.


We have accomplished a lot since watching “The Secret” and creating our very own vision board. Alot of opportunies have come our way and I am very grateful for all that we have in our lives today.


I have a great job position as an Excavator Operator working in Demolition and Earthmoving.


My wife became a buisness owner in a small skin clinic.


I work as an extra on Hollywood movies.


I and my wife overcame adversities to start a family after four years of trying and three attempts at IVF.

These life-changing moments have been but a few of the many blessings that we are fortunate to have come our way and the latest adventure has been an eye opener and very exciting!

We were fortunate to come across an online educational programme teaching people how to build an online business, from scratch!

I contacted a member of the company and he sent out a video series on how and why would you be interested in learning this training programme and what benefits it would create for your life.

My first thoughts were, I don’t have time for another scam! I need to make some cash to pay the bills. I don’t have time for this I am going to find a new job, get out there and chase the money!

It wasn’t till I was struggling to make ends meet, I was mentally and physically exhausted, becoming unhealthy and unfit, having to turn down roles working in movies, and giving up my passions that I realized that, chasing the money isn’t going to work!

So I and my partner decided to watch the video series and sign on as members of the community to learn more.

We completed the training modules. Not only did it put a new spark in our lives but we found an answer to everything we were searching for!

My partner now works on the business full time from home. I currently still work and study but aspire to take on this adventure full time and have the freedom to work from home also.

We got to speak with like-minded people in similar positions from all over the world who were able to earn a passive income and leave their 9-5 jobs to pursue new career paths and business adventures.



We got to meet and greet some of the members and mentors in our local area which makes this journey seem even more real as you get to speak with them face to face!

This journey is real, the people are real, the opportunities are real!

Watch this space… As it won’t be long that I will be sharing with you the feeling of gratitude and how amazing it is to leave a 9-5 job. Work from home and have all that extra time to spend with the family and pursue the things that we are interested in!

Are you looking at achieving the same goals?

Don’t settle for being just a laborer for the rest of your life…

Train The Brain



I want to share with you how I managed to gain a mindset that helped me to change my life.

I lost 29kgs training at home. I am able to overcome work fatigue and train late at night. I feel a hunger for self-improvement and growth. I found a promising avenue to change my lifestyle that led me to start an online business. I feel motivated to do the things I am passionate about.

It works for me and maybe it can work for you?

It started with, “YouTube”
Yes, YouTube! And the title started with “Motivational Video”

The first motivational video I ever watched online gave me goosebumps! The more videos I watched the more empowered I felt!


There are so many amazing videos to discover with empowering speakers like T.D Jakes, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Dr. Joe Dispenza. Great speeches from Denzel Washington, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali and many more.

I am subscribed to channels like daily MOTIVATION, MotivationHub, Success Archive, Motivation2Study, Be Inspired, TEDx Talks, Motiversity, Absolute Motivation.

Best time I find to listen or watch a video is first thing in the morning. Catch your mind before it runs away on you. Before worrying about work or a family member or someone or something that happened yesterday.

Get that positive hit before the daily grind begins!

A few of my favorite videos are:

-YOU CAN DO IT – Motivational Speech Video – TD Jakes Motivation uploaded by Motiversity.

BOXING MOTIVATION 2 – Never Give Up uploaded by somiomi


Now let me ask you something?

-What if I told you that from watching videos motivated me to better my life!

-That they made me feel like I can be more, do more and accomplish more.

-That they gave me the ambition to do things I would have never done before.

-That they motivated me to join an online community educating me on how to earn an income online working from home and that eventually, I won’t need to work a 9-5 job.

-That the online business training taught me how to reach out and share my message like this one with people like you.

-And that if you wanted to? You can join me on this journey together and we can be apart of the community helping people add more value to their lives.

-Well all you have to do is click the orange button below and find out for yourself, risk-free!

This is my story and how I got to where I am right now in the present.

If anything I hope this life hack can help someone out there like how it has helped me.


Digging For A Living


Ironic enough they come in all shapes and sizes, makes and models. From the good to the not so great, the know it all’s and the oddballs that have no idea! If you ask me? We can be quite the entertaining bunch of characters! Enduring the role as an operator you never stop learning. And it never ceases to amaze me observing the skilfulness of experienced operators. Especially the old timers, they just got the knack for it.

The best advice I could give is to watch and learn. Then take that observation and add it to your own skillset. The building foundations of any good operator are to pay attention and never stop learning.



If you had told me in my 20s that by the time I was 30 I would be operating a digger for a living, I most likely would have laughed? And to some extent, if you happen to be the relation of someone that knows somebody that knows someone? You might be lucky enough to land a full-time gig with a well-paying company. More than likely you have to start from the bottom and do the hard yards. undefined


I started off as a Civil Construction Labourer. Some would say “shit kicker.” From the shovel to grade checking, cleaning toilets and picking up rubbish. It took a long time before I ended up in the seat of an air-con cabin. But from there you can appreciate time out from the strenuous labour intensive job roles. And trust me for the majority of workers in the construction game, THEY WORK HARD for their money!



undefined I can proudly say that I work for an amazing company based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Family orientated and well established. The amount of experience I have learned in the short while I’ve been employed there you couldn’t put a price on. I never thought about the pay rate, I thought about the experience I would gain.

Unfortunately, despite my efforts to work hard and get in front…

Hard to admit but I got to a point where I was struggling to keep up with finances. As a father and husband, you want your family to have the best of everything. So I wasn’t scared to borrow from lenders to buy shares in a small business or purchase a new car or buy decent furniture for our home.

Desperate at times I would try to sell anything and everything I could to make a buck. My boss would call me “Mr. Ebay.” I left my current job to get out there and chase the money so to speak. Signing up with every job agency I could find and snatching up the best paying excavator job positions available. When the work was there the money was great. But when the work dried up there was no money coming in at all. Catch 22.




Which brings me to the now and why I am sharing my story with you!

Don’t get me wrong I love my job as an excavator operator. But to be honest, it is not a position that I dream about. Some people thrive in this business and others not so much. Soon I will have spent a decade in this industry and still to this day I find myself struggling to make ends meet.

Through a series of circumstances and events. I and my wife have recently joined a positively geared online business training program that allows you to work from home and earn a passive income.

·         The training covers basic steps to digital and affiliate marketing.

·         Is user-friendly with training modules which are designed for individuals to work at their own pace.

·         Learn how to build your own digital lifestyle and create extra time to spend on the things you care about.

·         Go anywhere in the world and still bring in an income stream and all you need is a laptop and internet connection.

.           Learn how to blog and share your unique perspectives like this one right here.

Our why factor is “FAMILY” My drive is becoming somebody better. Is it really possible that you can spend more time together as a family and go anywhere in the world and still earn an income through a laptop and internet connection?

  • My family is worth it!
  • My life is worth it!
  • My passions are worth it!
  • I am worth it!
  • And YOU are worth it!

If you have any questions or would like any further information?

Click the orange button below or contact us via our website: eugeneserena.com


I look forward to connecting with you.

No Judgement Here

Long before I started this journey into being an entrepreneur I always had this feeling of self-doubt. I was always afraid of what people thought of me

“Really! She won’t be able to do that?!”

“She’s not good at that stuff”

“She will never make it”

Things people have said to me in the past made me really question what I am doing in my life. Even being a Skin Specialist and owning a clinic on the Gold Coast, Australia even then I always thought I couldn’t “Do it” undefined

Starting this online business, I wasn’t fully open with friends and family for the fear factor that they would tell me what I’m doing is wrong for me. I even had a friend tell me to get a REAL job. I guess I am/was a people pleaser but they only one that missed out of being pleased was me.
I was drowning in my own thoughts continually thinking I couldn’t do anything that was a bit tougher than the day to day basis. When my first baby came along I even though OMG I can’t do this (Even though, before I became a mum I always thought I was the best mum).

Well look at me now I’m doing it!

My baby girl is healthy and happy, and I am building up my online business as I wanted to do. I am taking the time to spend with my little family and even travel home to see my extended family when I wish.

Don’t get me wrong it is still a work in progress but I really wish I had let go of these thoughts long before today. I had roadblocks that didn’t need to be there, a roadblock that inevitably has delayed my freedom lifestyle that I want to create.
I often think what I could have done if my feelings were not always “Oh what would they think?”

I just want to ask you this….

What would you do If you had no judgment from anyone?

What have you put off in your life afraid that you will upset someone else but at the end of the day ended up upsetting yourself?

This is your life no one else has the pen in their hand to write your story. You’re the author so go ahead and write your own fairy-tale. undefined

Come on this journey with me and live your fairy tale life! To start your own online lifestyle click the big orange button below! I will be here to personally help you and am only an email away if you have any questions.


Dream Your Perfect Day

I  wake up in the morning to a beautiful sunrise overlooking the water in my comfy bed covered with the best quality linen ever made! Watching the dolphin’s playing in the Broadwater my daughter comes into my room to see if I am awake.

This was the start of my ideal day.

As one of my exercises in my online SFM training course, we were asked to create our “Ideal day”

What would it look like?

What would you do?

Who would be with you?

What would you have?

I wrote this down and read it every day, actually, I still read it.

Without any limits, I continued to write my day out, and then the week and finally the year. Sharing this with my husband he too had to do the same exercise and we were along the same path (although he didn’t seem to care about the linen!) With this we could pinpoint our goals together and start our online journey as a tightly connected team.

Our ideal day has now become our focus for us to start living in our dream instead of chasing it!

I challenge you to write down your ideal day. Take a few minutes to visualize this.

See what your day is

Feel how it feels to be in your day

Smell the beach that you live by

Taste the beautiful morning coffee

Hear the waves crashing on the sandbank

Read it over and over again and soon it will become very clear what step you have to do to get to that.

Having this written down it is like you have made a contract with your self that this is what you want so this is what you will get.

Put the hard yards in and work for what you really want in life not what you have been brought up to believe you have to do!

Mums And Business

Fall in love with your online business.

How would you feel if you had a “job” that you loved? Something that gets you jumping out of bed like a spring, something that you had a passion for and something that brought you a lifestyle that you have only dreamed off?

Would you be interested?

I fell head over heels with the idea of having my own online business, something that will work for me and fit my ideal lifestyle.


If you have ever watched “The Secret” or “The Shift” then you will understand how mindset is such an important factor in having a life you enjoy. You must focus on what happens in between your ears and be aware of your surroundings to make life the wonderful thing it is. With this will bring you a business that you will love. If you go into a business thinking that you will make millions but have a crappy attitude, then chances are it’s not going to happen.

Think positive, create positivity.

Give back.

Don’t give to get back, give to inspire other people to give!

If you learn a lot of new skills that have helped you through life and business, then you should share this with others. If you give back to the world it makes you feel good.

Imagine how different the world would be if everyone was paying it forward?

Make time for you.

Starting up a brand-new online business is a lot of hard work, I’m not going to lie and tell you it is easy because it’s definitely NOT.

Go for a morning walk to clear your mind, meditate, do exercise. Do something that creates your own space outside of the “office”

If you take care of you, you can take care of your business!

Brain dump.

This was one of the best things that I learned from my mentors. I “brain dumped” before doing anything on the business so I could focus 100% of my tasks for the day.

Know that whatever you decide is your desired lifestyle you can achieve it.

Believe and achieve.


Serena x