Digital Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Eugene & Serena

Right from finishing school at 16 I have always been a hard hands-on worker. That was what I was taught. That was how I thought life was supposed to be.

Following in my father’s footsteps I stepped into operating machinery for large construction and demolishing companies. This was after I had tried many different types of work from picking apples to making sausages but I was always looking for something bigger something better. Working in construction I had made a name for myself with some companies’ head hunting me but still, I was quite happy. My job would take me away from my family and when our daughter was born I didn’t get to see her half as much as what I wanted to.

For years chasing money, freedom, and happiness I wasn’t getting anywhere fast and I knew I had to change life as we know it.

I started on my search again to find anything that I could leverage to help my family and in turn, help me find my true happiness and passion.

SFM has helped me and opened up a new world for me. It has provided me with the support, tools, education, and mentor-ship that I have needed to build a business online. Our business allows us to connect with like-minded people and inspire me to follow my dreams and passions. I now have the freedom to see my daughter grow up and be the hands-on Dad that I have always wanted to be, it has allowed me to explore different avenues in my life that before I thought I could only do if we won the lotto!

I can be creative and free of the traditional ways of thinking and inspire people of all walks of life to realize the amazing opportunities available.

The online market space is booming, and we are here to show you how you can turn this into a life of freedom for you and your family.

Look forward to connecting with you.