Digital Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Eugene & Serena

After finishing school, I had no real idea of what I wanted to be or what I wanted to do for the rest of my life all I knew was that I loved being around people and making a change in their day.

I decided to take on a job as a Nanny and was responsible for 2 beautiful girls. I had them for 6 months until their mother decided she wanted to be the one to see them grow. She quit her job and became a stay at home mum. I moved into the hospitality field where I experienced some amazing days and nights working for winery’s in the Hawkes Bay, Napier in New Zealand. I was in my element even taking on a café job for the day times. I worked weddings, birthdays, concerts and even small gatherings and I loved being around people watching them so happy celebrating milestones in their life’s.  At this stage I was working 3 jobs and was lucky to have 1 day off a week, so slowly I was exhausting myself so decided to find a “normal career”



I went to beauty school and started my career of working only day time hours with 8pm being the latest I would finish. I flourished in my new found job and was so passionate to learn all that I could about the industry. A few years into Beauty I made the move to Gold Coast, Australia where I went on to buy my own clinic with a business partner.

Now the hard work started again. Running a business, managing employees, making sure our clients are happy and receiving quality treatments with the most up to date equipment we could find.

It was the time in my life to marry the love of my life and start a family.

This unbeknown to us was another journey on its own. We tried for 5 or so years to have a baby and without any success so we had to take a journey down the IVF road. For a whole year I injected hormones into me for the chance of having a baby, and on our 3rd try, hooray we had finally fallen pregnant. While pregnant I remember talking to my belly, telling my child that I was going to make her life amazing. After having our baby, we had to put her into day-care so that I could carry on in the Beauty business. This meant she had to be in care for 10 hours every day and this just wasn’t sitting well with either of us. Life was not meant to be this way and so we changed it!

We found a solution to our problem with separating time from money and still being able to help people in their life, as this is what I loved about my career. We found us some AMAZING mentors who showed us the way to success online and create our dream lifestyle where we can stay home with our baby and still make an income. I need to credit our mentors as they have been such an integral part of my journey to achieve a lifestyle I had only ever dreamed of. They have given us the support, leadership, training, and coaching and without all that we would still be in the same place, we were only a year ago. I believe in following your passion and finding what truly makes you happy and changing whatever you need, to make your passion a reality. It has not been an easy journey to start up online but ill tell you what, its DEFINITELY all worth it. You need to create your lifestyle and not just dream it.